• Call: 02-2982-5698
  • Fax:02-2980-6782
  • Mail:5698@shen-pin.com.tw


Established since 1987, specializing in SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR, AIR COMPRESSOR,FREEZING TYPE AIR COMPRESSOR DRYER,COMPRESSED AIR FILTERS and all kind of Compressor’s Auto Products. After years of effort, we are delighted that our products and services are well received by the industries and customers.

Your profuse support and patronization is our motivation to ensure good quality of products and services. Without your support, we would not be able to move this far. We had established our service stations around Taiwan, from Taipei, Taichung, to the southern areas. We look forward to your continual support in our new venture…

We have trained personnel’s to attend to your enquiries, qualified and experienced technicians for your repair and maintenance requirement, professional engineers for your design, pipping and installation project. 
We assure that credibility is our mission; we will strive to ensure and uphold this vision.

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